CAD Mechanical Design

Creating effective mechanical designs is crucial for bringing ideas to life in various mechanical components and equipment. At Touchwood Technologies, we understand the importance of technical data, like blueprints, needed for accurate mechanical engineering projects. In today's mechanical industry, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has become standard practice, requiring the conversion or updating of blueprints and drawings.
With our team of experienced CAD designers and mechanical engineers, we offer comprehensive mechanical design and CAD services to meet a variety of complex needs. Our diverse expertise allows us to serve engineering design firms efficiently. We are proficient in CAD platforms such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks, enabling us to expedite the design process.

Touchwood Technologies provides mechanical design and CAD services for:

Designing and developing products

Developing parts and components

Offering solutions for reverse engineering

Providing rapid prototyping services

Planning plant layouts and modeling equipment

Creating General Arrangement drawings

Converting rough sketches into detailed designs

Creating assembly designs


AUTOCAD Training Course for Mechanical Industry

AUTOCAD stands as a cornerstone in the mechanical industry, providing robust 2D and 3D platforms for crafting professional-grade drawings essential for engineering designs and manufacturing processes. It serves as an indispensable tool for Mechanical Engineers, Designers, and Manufacturing experts, facilitating precise drafting and design creation. With its comprehensive suite of built-in tools, AUTOCAD empowers users to produce a wide variety of mechanical designs with precision and efficiency.

Why Enroll in an AUTOCAD Course for the Mechanical Industry?

In the mechanical industry, proficiency in AUTOCAD is a highly valued skillset. AUTOCAD expertise is indispensable for creating detailed mechanical drawings, schematics, and blueprints crucial for engineering projects and manufacturing processes. By mastering AUTOCAD, individuals can significantly enhance their career prospects in the mechanical industry, opening up opportunities as Mechanical Designers, Drafters, and Manufacturing Engineers.


Course Overview for Mechanical Industry:

   Our course is meticulously crafted to cater specifically to individuals in the mechanical industry, ensuring that even beginners grasp the concepts effortlessly.
    The course covers comprehensive modules on 2D and 3D modeling, presented in a detailed manner. Each module includes both theoretical understanding and practical application segments.
    Students are assigned projects aligned with real-time industry scenarios, providing them with practical experience in solving lifelike problems encountered in mechanical engineering.
    With a team of qualified instructors who excel in teaching the intricacies of using AUTOCAD in the mechanical industry, students can easily transition into domain experts.
    While the course begins with fundamental 2D drafting concepts, it progresses to advanced 3D modeling modules, allowing students to embark on a journey towards specialization.
    Upon completion of the course, participants will confidently label themselves as domain experts proficient in Autodesk AUTOCAD, ready to excel in the mechanical industry.

SolidWorks Training Course Overview

SolidWorks offers intuitive software for creating 3D CAD models, streamlining the product design process. Its extensive library of pre-built designs simplifies product compilation and assembly through its comprehensive suite of tools. SolidWorks provides detailed workflows for product development, fostering collaboration for element modification and tracking changes.

Why Choose Our SolidWorks Course?

In today's landscape, there's a growing demand for 3D models, and SolidWorks is the go-to platform for creating them. Whether you're new to the field or a seasoned professional, SolidWorks allows you to bring your concepts to life with detailed animations, providing valuable insights into designs. Moreover, SolidWorks enables visualization, collaboration, and design analysis, ensuring optimal performance and functionality. Mastering SolidWorks opens doors to exciting opportunities in the competitive market.

Course Overview:

Our SolidWorks course caters to beginners, ensuring easy comprehension of concepts. Modules progress from basic to advanced levels, fostering professionalism throughout. Practical skills are emphasized alongside theoretical knowledge, with hands-on experience using SolidWorks' tools. Our expert instructors are dedicated to addressing individual queries and providing guidance.

Key Features:

    3D Modeling: Easily create animations with minimal effort.

    Costing Analysis: Assess the overall cost of product designs.

    Collaborative Approach: Gain comprehensive insights into part design and assembly..

    Tolerance Analysis: Evaluate the tolerance capacity of various product components. positions boost.