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MLM software, also known as multi-level marketing software, is a technology solution designed to help companies manage and automate the complex processes associated with multi-level marketing. MLM, also known as network marketing, is a business model where individuals can earn money by recruiting other individuals into the company, as well as earning a percentage of the sales made by their recruits.

MLM software is an essential tool for companies operating in the MLM industry as it streamlines and automates many of the tasks required to run a successful MLM business. These tasks include recruiting and managing a sales team, tracking sales and commissions, and generating reports.

One of the key features of MLM software is its ability to automate the recruitment process. This includes features such as online application forms, automated follow-up emails, and tracking of leads and applicants. This automation helps the company to save time and resources and increases the efficiency of the recruitment process.
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MLM Admin Panel

  • New Registration
  • Members’ Invoice Search
  • Edit Member Profile
  • Members’ security codes
  • Direct Referral View
  • Date Wise Member List
  • Member Bank Detail
  • Downline List
  • Geneology View
  • Member Report
  • Member Messages
  • Generate/Issue E-PIN
  • Fresh E-PIN
  • Used E-PIN
  • Search E-PIN
  • Pay Commissions/Earnings
  • View Binary Income
  • View Leg Income
  • Member A/C Balance
  • View Direct Income
  • Pay Rewards
  • Fully Custom Work
  • View TDS List
  • Rewards List
  • Customers Feed Backs
  • Block/Allow a Member
  • Member Blocked List
  • Website Maintenance

MLM Customer Panel

  • Member Profile and Data
  • Welcome Letter
  • Registration Certificate
  • Tree View
  • Geneology View
  • Direct Downline Report
  • Income/Reward Detail
  • Leg Income
  • Direct referral Income Detail
  • Account Report
  • Member Downline List
  • Member E-PINs Management

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MLM software is an essential tool for any modern MLM company. It helps to take as many plashing’s as necessary at first, which go into the senses over time. Additionally, it provides evaluative assets in sales and marketing data, which can be used to make informed decisions about enrollment. With the rise of e-commerce, MLM Software Enterprise also enables online selling of products by reaching out to a wider customer base. Consider investing in an MLM software company only if you want to build your MLM business.


   This is one of the most common MLM plans. It allows members to earn commission on the sales made by their direct referrals and also on the sales made by their referrals’ referrals, up to a certain level. This plan is simple and easy to understand, making it a popular choice among MLM companies.


   In this plan, members are placed into a left and right team, and they earn commission on the sales made by members on both their left and right team. It is called binary because it creates a binary tree structure, where each member has two front-line members. This plan is popular because it encourages teamwork and balanced growth within the organization.


   In this plan, members are placed into a matrix structure, where they can earn commission on the sales made by members within their matrix. The matrix structure can be set up as a 2×2, 3×3, or even a 4×4 matrix. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn a lot of commissions from a large number of members.


   As the name suggests, a hybrid MLM plan is a combination of two or more MLM plans. This plan allows MLM companies to offer the best features of different plans to their members, making it more flexible and customizable.


   This plan is mostly used in the insurance and financial services industries. It allows members to earn commission based on the sales of their team members, and also allows members to “breakaway” to form their own team, earning a percentage of their team’s sales.


   In this plan, members are required to pass up their first two sales to their sponsor. After that, they can keep all the sales they make. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn a lot of money quickly, but it also requires a lot of personal selling skills.


   In this plan, members are placed into a matrix structure and can only sponsor a certain number of members. Once the matrix is full, members can earn spillover commissions from the members sponsored by their upline. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn commissions from a larger group of people than they could sponsor themselves.


   This plan is used by companies that sell physical products and it is more focused on personal selling. Members host parties and earn commissions on the sales made during the party. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn money by doing something they enjoy, which is hosting parties.
It’s important to note that different MLM plans have different features, rules and regulations, and it’s important to understand all of them before deciding to join an MLM company. Moreover, it’s also important to conduct thorough research and consider the risks before joining any MLM company.

MLM Software Development Company in Mohali & Chandigarh India –

Touchwood Technologies, a renowned MLM Software Development Company in Mohali India, has been providing exceptional services for over a decade. Our primary focus is not only on delivering top-notch software but also on assisting you in promoting your MLM business legally in India. We are widely recognized in Chandigarh for our exceptional work in MLM software development. Feel free to reach out to us at +9198777-52948 for any queries related to MLM software development or other services.

Key Features of our MLM Software Development Company in Mohali and Chandigarh include:

Expert MLM Website Development in Chandigarh: Our team of experienced MLM website developers in Chandigarh is well-versed in the field of MLM development. We can create customized software to meet any customer's specific requirements.
Extensive MLM Development Experience: With years of experience, Touchwood Technologies has been manufacturing MLM software, gaining valuable insights into every aspect of MLM software development.
Competitive Pricing: We offer budget-friendly MLM software development services, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality or results.
Timely Project Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Our team ensures prompt project delivery within the agreed timeline.
Fully Customizable: Our MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh provides a wide range of customizable features to fulfill every customer's unique requirements.

Core Points about our MLM Software Development Company in Mohali and Chandigarh India:

- Over the years, our MLM app developers in Chandigarh India have successfully completed numerous projects, establishing our expertise in the field.
- Our team consists of dedicated professionals who work collaboratively to deliver collective and effective results.
- We pride ourselves on our integrity, keeping our promises and delivering the best possible outcomes.
- Our customer care team is always ready to address any issues faced by customers, leveraging their expertise to provide effective solutions.
- With a satisfied client base of over 1000 customers, we are proud to be a leading MLM android app developer in Chandigarh India.
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MLM Plans offered by our top MLM Software Company in Chandigarh:

We provide a variety of MLM Plans; however, not all plans can be combined as it may complicate software operations. Therefore, we aim to incorporate two or three plans into a single software to ensure seamless operation for our customers.

Here are some of the MLM Plans we offer:

Binary Plan: This popular plan divides a member into two sub-members, allowing each member to further recruit two members in their downline.
Matrix Plan: Designed with a limited number of members, this plan offers profit-sharing even for individuals without any references.
Generation Plan: Primarily used by large-scale companies, this plan involves fixed levels or generations.
Re-Purchase Plan: This widely used plan can be combined with other plans such as Binary Plan with Re-Purchase Plan or Board Plan with Re-Purchase Plan.
Board Plan: In this plan, a limited number of members can join a board, and once the board is complete, the leader earns all the profits and moves on to the next level board.

In summary, our MLM Software Development Company in Chandigarh India is highly skilled, well-equipped, and trustworthy to develop any type of software according to your needs. For further Details, please Contact Us.