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Looking for Forex Payment Gateway?

Touchwood works with some of the most well-known merchant service providers in the trade services field. Our solutions include accepting all major credit cards, handling the 15 most common currencies, converting currencies automatically, and connecting to popular wallets like WebMoney and PayPal.
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Forex payment gateway Important Points

Forex payment gateway integration is a crucial aspect of online trading platforms, enabling clients to securely deposit funds into their trading accounts and withdraw profits conveniently. By integrating a reliable payment gateway, Forex brokers can offer seamless transaction processing, multi-currency support, and a variety of payment options to enhance the overall trading experience for clients.
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Having a payment gateway in Forex CRM is a great addition.

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Options of Payment Gateways.


Multi-Channel Payments.


Fast Implementation.


Multicurrency Management


Steps of Launching Forex Payment Gateway Integration

1. Market Research.
2. Business Planning.
3. Platform Development.
4. Regulatory Compliance.
5. Technology Integration.
6. Marketing and Promotion.
7. Customer Support.
8. Testing and Quality Assurance.
9. Launch and Monitoring.
10.Compliance and Risk Management.


Forex Bank Account/PSP

Choice of banks

   Expand processing and cut the dependency on a single financial institution.

High volume processing

   Get the processing capacity to manage & grow your business.

High ticket processing

   Accommodate your VIP traders in a hassle free way.

Multicurrency processing

   Forex is an international trading platform. Accept payments and get settlements from all major currencies.