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We offer the most affordable Forex CRM pricing for the MT4, MT5, VertexFX, and cTrader Forex CRM solution. Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements and useful options.
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What is Forex CRM Agency?

A forex CRM agency is not a typical agency that offers marketing or other creative services. It is also known as a Forex CRM provider. Instead, they specialise in developing and selling Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software specifically designed for the needs of forex brokers and traders. One of the key functions of CRM is that it is a tool that helps businesses manage their interactions with customers and potential customers.
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CRM steps and Important
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Quick Setup.


Unlimited Users.


N-Levels of IBs.




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Features of Forex CRM Solution

1. Convenient Payments.
2. Positioning Framework.
3. Simple Data.
4. Lead Management.
5. Trading Platform Integration.
6. Marketing Automation.
7. Compliance and Regulation.

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Role Management

   Using an operational hierarchy system to run the team is very important. With this feature, the admin can give each employee the rights and permissions they need based on their job roles, which makes it easier to manage the work. If you are the admin, it's easy to give your dedicated employees internal access with Techysquad, the Forex CRM provider.

Dynamic Reports

   This is probably one of the best things about CRM systems from Techysquad. With this feature, you can keep track of the client's records for each month, quarter, and annual. Some important analytics that are covered by this feature include e-wallet transactions, withdrawals, deposits, IB, and much more.

Ticketing Support System

    You can use this feature if you are having trouble with the website, the trader's room, or the FX back-office software system. It will give you the best customer service experience.

MT4/MT5/Vertex Integration

   We have all the features for Forex back office software to make trading and managing clients easier. With VertexFX CRM, MT4 CRM and MT5 CRM integration on this trading back-office software, you can manage the whole software programme in an efficient way.

Real-Time Notification

   Since the FX back-office platform is directly linked to the trader's room, you can get updates on what the client is doing in real time. It means that if a client does something, this CRM for Forex Brokers will let you know right away.


   Every client has their own E-wallet. People think of this E-wallet as the link between funds and trading. Our E-wallet can handle a wide range of transactions, such as MT5 to E-wallet and E-wallet to MT5, E-wallet to E-wallet, IB commissions and E-wallet, and so on.