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ICO Development Steps:
Top Major Steps To Succeed

Looking for ICO development?

Want to succeeded in it? Are you starter or Expert , you have to prepare and steps on the way to launch an ICO so it will more likely win the fundraising ICO system. The huge growth in token sales made an ICO launch a win-win situation and developers growing businesses or starting new vertex in the crypto ecosystem, it is a gradual process crypto ecosystem grown slowly with each of it module like E-com , exchange , POS, Games, Retail process etc.

ICO Important Points

First Known ICO held in on Ethereum network – MasterCoin -held on July Bitcoin Network July 2013. Ethereum ICO in summer raising 3700 BTC in first 12 hr, in starting ICO start on 0.31$ now cost is more than 3500$. The NEO or Chinese Ethereum’. In this ICO was supported by the Chinese government and major companies like Microsoft, Alibaba, etc. The initial token price started at 3$, top hit is 180 $. In September 2021, NEO is at 40$. ICO development has many benefits over traditional crowdfund or fundraising, market making , ICO launch might be pretty challenging without preparation or milestones .
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ICO steps and Important
Points to Cover

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ICO and Its Types.

ICO Fundraising Works.

Laws and Regulations in ICO Development.

ICO Whitepaper and Why Does It Matter?

Pros and Cons of ICO.


Steps of Launching ICO

1. ICO Team.
2. Advisors Structure.
3. ICO Roadmap.
4. Market Research / Planning.
5. ICO Whitepaper Drafting.
6. Website for ICO.
7. ICO Promotion.
8. Community Support.
9. Selecting Token Sales Model.
10. Developing Smart Contract with proper Technology.
11. Digital Wallet.
12. ICO Post-Sale Steps.
13. Listing TOKEN on Exchange.



– Private ICO

   Limited number of the investors join fundraising, few approved net-worth persons or financial institutions participate here in ICO .

– Public ICO

   General public involved almost everyone can participate. In concerns, public ICOs are less popular compared to private ICo

– ICO Fundraising Works

    It ins nit like equity in company , Here in ICO If any have digital assets then he have service company creates .Here company develop tokens in blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance allowing for token development with minimum code changes.

– When ICO Establish

    When trade tokens for cryptocurrencies or exchange of fiat money or Other currency like Ethereum, Binance.ICO means free hold , allowing user to hold it on offered price or exchange with any fiat or digital currency.