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MLM Calculator


Use Free MLM Calculator, Identify befitting Plans

MLM calculator simplifies the process of choosing between different compensation plans that have diverse rules for compensation accrual and payout. Using this MLM calculator you can calculate the income, either in percentage or flat, from a particular MLM business from limited inputs. There are separate MLM plan calculators for major MLM plans like Binary MLM Plan, Unilevel MLM Plan and Matrix MLM Plan.
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Our MLM Calculator results would help you to  ...

   Rebuild your MLM plans with commission schemes that would best benifit your MLM growth.

   If you are a distributor who is confused about the MLM Plan and commission that would accure for you, this is the best tool.


Binary MLM plan


Binary MLM plan is based on business volumes. There are two legs in the structure and each new member is placed on either the left or right legs. These legs are alternatively called the power leg and the profit leg respectively.
In Binary compensation plan calculator, you can calculate the commissions with these following steps
   The payouts are very easy to calculate. You can calculate it either as a percentage or on a flat basis.
   Calculate 1:1, 2:1 and 1:2 binary pair MLM calculations with our calculator.
Once inputs are given, you can calculate the commission you will earn. You can have an idea of the earnings you could make from the plan and whether the business would be lucrative for you or not.
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Matrix Plan


Matrix Plan involves a pyramid structure which is arranged into a fixed number of width(row) and depth(column).
In MLM matrix plan calculator, you can calculate the commissions with these following steps
Matrix Plan has a restriction on the number of distributors one can sponsor on the first level
Matrix MLM Plan is represented by the formula width * depth
The Plan limits the width and therefore curbs the motive to hire more members in the downline.
The MLM Plan calculator will help you calculate the commissions with ease.
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Unilevel MLM Plan


Unilevel MLM Plan has unlimited width. A member can sponsor only one line of distributors which implies that everyone he sponsors is on his frontline. There is no option of spillover in this case.The commissions can be calculated on a percentage or flat basis.

The calculator will help you calculate the commissions that would accrue if you choose to be part of a unilevel MLM plan.
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