Forex Trade CRM


An Impeccable Forex Trading Experience


Forex CRM is the core of any Forex Brokerage Firm. Only CRM can help a company stand out in this competitive and changing market. To get the most out of CRM, you must have an interactive website as well as amazing software. Both the software and the website should be interactive enough to keep the user interested while offering the greatest possible experience to the trader/visitor.One of the most important aspects that any Forex Broker must consider is the availability of a Trader's Room. This is the point at which each trader receives an individual login and access to the necessary information.

Key Features

A new generation of specialized software that assists brokers and exchanges in managing their clients, administrators, and IB-partners in a one place.
  • Account Applications

    Our Account Application Procedure employs a validation engine for optimizing form setup, while its sophisticated duplicate algorithm filters submissions in real-time, minimizing risk by identifying suspicious connections.

  • Customer Profile & Wallet

    Traders Room serves as a unified hub for Customer Profiles and Wallets, consolidating multiple trading accounts across platforms for streamlined Compliance and Financial management, ensuring an exceptional Digital Customer Experience.

  • Integrated

    Trader's Room Solution offers seamless integration of MT4, MT5, and VertexFx trading platforms, alongside a central multi-currency wallet, enabling optimal digital customer experience.

  • Payment

    Traders Room streamlines online operations by offering preconfigured and optimized alternative payment systems, empowering clients to enhance consumer service and facilitate secure online transactions effortlessly.