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What is Forex Multilevel IB?

Looking for Forex Multilevel IB?

A must-have feature that allows IB referral commissions to be paid out on multiple levels. IBs can now earn commissions not just from the Traders they refer, but also from other IBs they refer.Your IBs will receive immediate commission payouts and will be able to see commission reports at all levels.
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Types of Various IB Programs

1. Single Level partnership program

Single level partnership program revolves around having only 1 sub IB under parent IB.

2. Multi-Level partnership program

In Multi-Level IB, there can be multiple IB’s under a single IB. Techysquad CRM is structured to support unlimited IB levels.

3. Auto Rebates (Self Rebate)

Having once adjusted the Rebate-system, you will save your time on manual calculations of rebates for each particular trader and make use of one of the most effective marketing tools to attract new customers.

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Features of Our IB Program

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Types of Commission


   In forex trading, fixed commission refers to a set fee charged by brokers for executing trades on behalf of their clients. Unlike variable spreads, which fluctuate based on market conditions, fixed commissions remain constant regardless of trade size or market volatility.

PIP (Percentage in point)

   In forex trading, a PIP, short for Percentage in Point, is a standardized unit of measurement that represents the smallest price movement in the exchange rate of a currency pair. It is typically expressed as a fraction of one currency unit relative to another currency unit.

Deposit (percentage)

   In forex trading, the deposit percentage refers to the portion of the total transaction value that a trader must provide upfront to open a position or execute a trade. It is commonly known as margin or margin requirement.