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  • 100% Calculation Accuracy.
  • Business Analytics Report.
  • Graphical Tree.
  • E-mail & SMS Notifications.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Internal Messaging System.
  • Multiple Currency.
  • Multiple Compensations.
  • Capping settings.
  • Power Leg (Admin can add power to any leg).
  • Direct joining from tree.
  • Fastest technical support (24*7).

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Matrix MLM software is a type of software that is used in MLM companies that implement matrix compensation plans. Matrix compensation plan is a popular MLM plan where distributors are arranged in a matrix-like structure with a fixed number of levels and a limited number of distributors are allowed in each level.
Matrix MLM software is designed to handle the complexities of managing and tracking matrix structure, commissions, pedigree and other aspects of a matrix-based MLM business.

This typically includes features such as:

Matrix Structure Management: The software enables you to define a matrix structure, including the number of levels and the number of distributors allowed in each level. It helps you to manage the placement of distributors within the matrix and track their status.
Commission Calculation: Matrix MLM Software calculates and tracks commission and bonus based on Matrix compensation plan. It considers factors such as level commission, sponsor bonus, matching bonus and other compensation rules specific to the matrix plan.
Lineage Tracking: The software maintains a graphical representation of the genealogical tree or downline network. It helps you visualize and analyze the structure, growth and performance of your MLM organization.
Replication Websites: Matrix MLM software often includes the ability to provide replication websites to distributors. These websites are pre-designed templates that allow distributors to promote their business and track their referrals and sales.
E-wallet and payment integration: This may include an e-wallet system to manage commissions and payments. The software integrates with payment gateways, which enables secure and efficient transactions for distributors.
Reporting and Analysis: Matrix MLM software generates reports and provides analysis on various performance metrics, such as sales volume, commission earned, downline growth and more. This helps in monitoring and making informed business decisions.
Effective Communication Tools: Facilitate seamless communication between your company and distributors through our integrated messaging system, email notifications and announcement features. Drive collaboration, share important updates, and keep your network energized and inspired.
Scalable and Secure: Our software is built to scale to your business, accommodating your growth and expansion needs. We prioritize data security, ensuring that your sensitive information and transactions are secure at all times.
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Admin Panel Feature For MLM Software

  • Online Member Registration
  • E-pin Generation
  • Generate/Issue E-PIN Report
  • Used E-pin Report
  • Manage Member Profile
  • Date Wise Member List
  • Genealogy / Tree View
  • Member Joining Report
  • View Binary / Leg Income
  • Member A/C Balance
  • All Member Account Report
  • View Direct Income
  • Reward Income Report
  • Online Bank Transfer Report
  • Online Fund Transfer Report
  • Pay Generate Commission
  • Member Turnover Report
  • Member Account Ledger
  • Tax Management System
  • Auto Email Integration
  • Auto SMS Integration
  • Fully Custom Work
  • View TDS List
  • Rewards List
  • Customers Feed Backs
  • Block/Allow a Member
  • Member Blocked List
  • Website Maintenance

MLM Software Member Panel Feature

  • Online Member Registration
  • Online Joining System
  • E-pin and Secure ID systems
  • Member E-PINs Management
  • Member Profile and Account
  • Registration and Billing Receipt
  • Online Welcome Letter
  • Genealogy / Member Tree View
  • Downline Member details
  • Leg Binary Income / Leg Income
  • Incentive Income
  • Account Summary
  • E-Wallet Report
  • Online Transfer Management
  • Member Wallet Details
  • Withdraw Balance Report

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MLM software is an essential tool for any modern MLM company. It helps to take as many plashing’s as necessary at first, which go into the senses over time. Additionally, it provides evaluative assets in sales and marketing data, which can be used to make informed decisions about enrollment. With the rise of e-commerce, MLM Software Enterprise also enables online selling of products by reaching out to a wider customer base. Consider investing in an MLM software company only if you want to build your MLM business.


   This is one of the most common MLM plans. It allows members to earn commission on the sales made by their direct referrals and also on the sales made by their referrals’ referrals, up to a certain level. This plan is simple and easy to understand, making it a popular choice among MLM companies.


   In this plan, members are placed into a matrix structure, where they can earn commission on the sales made by members within their matrix. The matrix structure can be set up as a 2×2, 3×3, or even a 4×4 matrix. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn a lot of commissions from a large number of members.


   As the name suggests, a hybrid MLM plan is a combination of two or more MLM plans. This plan allows MLM companies to offer the best features of different plans to their members, making it more flexible and customizable.


   This plan is mostly used in the insurance and financial services industries. It allows members to earn commission based on the sales of their team members, and also allows members to “breakaway” to form their own team, earning a percentage of their team’s sales.


   In this plan, members are required to pass up their first two sales to their sponsor. After that, they can keep all the sales they make. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn a lot of money quickly, but it also requires a lot of personal selling skills.


   In this plan, members are placed into a matrix structure and can only sponsor a certain number of members. Once the matrix is full, members can earn spillover commissions from the members sponsored by their upline. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn commissions from a larger group of people than they could sponsor themselves.


   This plan is used by companies that sell physical products and it is more focused on personal selling. Members host parties and earn commissions on the sales made during the party. This plan is popular because it allows members to earn money by doing something they enjoy, which is hosting parties.
It’s important to note that different MLM plans have different features, rules and regulations, and it’s important to understand all of them before deciding to join an MLM company. Moreover, it’s also important to conduct thorough research and consider the risks before joining any MLM company.


Matrix MLM Software is a specialized software solution designed to facilitate and manage Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses that utilize the Matrix compensation plan. In a matrix MLM plan, the distributors are arranged in a matrix-like structure with a fixed number of levels and a limited number of distributors are allowed in each level.

Matrix MLM software typically includes a range of features to support the management and operation of a matrix-based MLM business. Here are some key features in Matrix MLM software:
  •    Matrix Configuration
  •    Genealogy Tree
  •    Commission Calculation
  •    Distributor Management
  •    Replicated Websites
  •    E-wallet and Payment Integration
  •    Reporting and Analytics
  •    Communication and Messaging
  •    Training and Support
  •    Security and Access Control
  •    SMS integrator
  •    Lead capture page
  •    CRM integrations

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